Went into Sprouts for groceries…came out with these beautiful Hydrangea bouquets!
I NEEDED them, right?!  So of course I had to have some fun and take a couple of photos 😀

Hydrangea Flowers Photos Oklahoma City Flowers

I’ve been wanting to add some floral art to my dining room, but crisp photos just don’t seem to work there, I need something a little softer, less defined.  So after working on this photo for a while, I think I have come up with something that will work perfectly!  Soft and a little more abstract, but still these beautiful hydrangea that coordinate with my decor so well.

Hydrangea watercolor painting Kelly Wilson Photography Oklahoma Photographer

I will be offering these painting portraits to my clients too, can’t wait to get some samples on canvas in the studio!

OKC portrait painting photographer Kelly Wilson Newborn fine art

It’s never fun to see my babies sick, but they are sure sweet when they don’t feel well <3

oklahoma city child photographer